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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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house says it will are -- consider all your concerns and complaints. roosevelt leftwich is live at bwi marshall with reaction from those of you flying out. >> reporter: many folks just do not like the new travel options, the new screening options because many travelers say that they are afraid it's glg going to hamper their travel plans this long holiday weekend. options are limited. travelers are mixed, they don't like the intrusion but want their flights to be safe. >> if somebody's touching my body -- they had the wand then and now they put their hands on you, it makes me uncomfortable. >> it's good for safety but sometimes it just -- well, actually, there's no problem with that. i have no problems with being safe. i actually enjoy it. as long as it doesn't get too backed up. >> reporter: that is the big concern for many travelers, even though there is
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concern tonight that there is a grassroots protest out there to try to slow things down on -- during the thanksgiving holiday by demanding the full-body patdowns. many travelers are saying they would rather get on the plane than have to get stuck in line and they want to make sure they get to their destination. despite this threat bwi marshall officials say they pretty much see a pretty normal holiday travel season. there will be long lines to get through security and they will have a full terminal but don't expect any major problems. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. tonight you have to feel for the parents of the murdered dc intern chandra levy. brought them to heartache and brought down a congressman. a jury found ingmar gwandique guilty in her murder. she went missing a decade ago. her remains found in rock creek park months later. ingmar gwandique has a sentencing hearing coming up in february. could get anywhere from 30 years to life. and for using the social networking sites, and posing as a prostitute, was enough to arrest a dozen men in a sting
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in st. mary's county and two are from our area. the county's vice narcotics dwirs arrested james menke jr. in pasadena and brian best of baltimore, now charged with solicitation of a prostitute. for six years sheron jones was the booker and the right -- ride from central booking to court. at 28 she was murdered likely by someone she knew. right now investigators are leaning in the direction of a domestic dispute but it's still early. on saturday detectives found blood on a door, thought it was a barricade situation on greenspring avenue. they barged in, and found no one. cops are looking for a person of interest. in the meantime the department of safety and correctional services issued a statement saying we have reached out to jones' immediate family to priv any support -- provide any support possible following %z!there are grief counselors f fellow officers and co-workers.
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pretty mild day today. tough to complain, really. we have sunshine out there in the afternoon but things begin to change tomorrow. we bring in the chance of rain, keep it mild and then colder air marching in towards the holidays. first, what we're seeing across the east. active weather pattern, getting more active in places like chicago, cleveland, boston, getting rain. not for baltimore or dc now but temperature have been mild and we've seen decent sun at times today. 58 dc now. 57 at the inner harbor and 56 in annapolis. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast tomorrow. if you're headed out early trying to avoid that busy wednesday, you're going to face showers at times. we think any time after lunchtime and especially into the latter part of the afternoon but 65, it will be mild. we'll talk much more about the thanksgiving outlook itself but into the week, colder stuff, straight ahead.
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it's nearly a week since that tornado touched down tossing parkville in northeast baltimore upside down but in this -- in times like these we praise the people who run into disaster zones. kelly swoope is pack to tell us about the courageous first responders who brought a measure of stability to the area. >> reporter: that's right. baltimore city police officers were first on the scene of that destructive tornado. today, two of those officers told their stories for the first time. and they were given thank yous from the mayor and police commissioner for their quick thinking and actions. just in our newsroom moments ago baltimore city fire released a frantic 911 call from the chaotic scene. >> we get there, see people screaming and running around. so we rush the stuff over there. we tried to help those people. look for the people screaming. >> we saw a big piece of
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concrete on top of her face, she couldn't speak or scream or anything. the daughter on the floor also had concrete and wood on top of her. >> the police department says that the two officers will receive official commenddations for their quick actions and it is well deserved. kelly swoope, abc2 news. from the first responders who dug them out of the rubble to the american red cross workers who assisted them in the aftermath, families struggling to rebound from the tornadoes say they appreciate the community's response to the disaster. while many renters had no insurance and lost many of their belongings they say they feel fortunate this holiday season because you didn't forget about them. >> i mean, they are trying to help us. people from haiti, they have a lot of stuff. we have people helping us, red cross, everybody. so, homeless people, they are outside sleeping with nothing. they are trying to make sure
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people, who got the tornado, we still got a place to sleep, food, clothes. i mean, really, we look at it, we are really blessed. >> i think that as bad as the damage was, the fact that no lives were lost is definitely something that people are holding on to. >> the red cross served more than 800 meals and has given aid to more than 80 families in the last five days. the city also created a disaster relief fund to help the families. sawyer realty has committed $10,000 to the fund. to help you can, just call or right to the harbor bank of maryland at 25 west fayette street in baltimore, 21201. parents, in harford county, it's like you just got home, now you have to turn around to go to this meeting tonight. starts in 55 minutes. it concerns where you will send your children to school. you've heard the proposal. now you're going to listen to the board and hear your concerns. administrators say it's a time for change. some schools are just
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overcrowded. others have a lot of space. this meeting tonight starts at 7:00 at the board of ed at the aa robert e. building boardroom. we'll have a camera there. could it be underarmor middle or legg mason high? everything is on the table for the new task force. the mayor and city schools chief announced the panel today. to try to come up with clever ways to finance city cool buildings. some of the city schools are so old, taxes won't help enough. >> poor condition in our schools. can pose a threat to the health as well as the safety of our staff and students. despite the physical condition of our schools, our school system has made great progress in improving academic achievement in the classroom. >> the task force plans to have recommendations all set by february of 2011. a final vote on that planned wal-mart in remington expected at this council meeting. despite the promise of hundreds
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of jobs, people are rallying against the retail giant. they are concerned about traffic and small businesses in their area. the group rally against remington wal-mart protested outside of city hall earlier tonight. how that vote went, tonight at 11:00. in tonight's "consumer watch" -- aaa estimates the number of americans traveling this thanksgiving holiday will increase by more than 11% from last year. with about 42 million people traveling, at least 50 miles from home. those figures are still 30% below the 2005 peak of 58 million travelers and the family car is still the most common way to get through the woods with 94% of holiday travellerings reaching their destination by driving. in other words, it will be crowded out there. we had a practice run saturday. 95 was backed up to last year and now year all warned, this is just the beginning. a construction of the newark toll plaza in delaware is going to send a line of cars all the way back through perryville, havre de grace, maybe even as
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far as bel air. i'll just take the hatem bridge. more construction, down to one lane. you will either have to take 40 or route 1 to get around this mess. hit 95 early or later in the night to make sure you can maybe be in better shape. you know about 95 and security at the airport. now let's talk about snow in the highway. how this state is already preparing for the first flake to fall. don harrison has his plow down. once we get through black friday it's on to cyber monday. on this monday night we have great information from joce sterman on how to avoid scammers that won't cost you a dime. >> weatherwise today, 65. pretty mild at bwi marshall today. and we look for that to hang on. we didn't forecast quite that warm so no 2-degree guarantee winner. we're talking mild stuff but man, it's cold up north and headed our way. ♪
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don't show the video from last year. we know it snowed. it buried us from parkville all the way to pasadena, from the eastern shore to east baltimore. we were stuck in our homes for days in a complete whiteout. when it comes to getting around who better to talk to than the men and women who are plowing the roads so we can get around? abc2 news don "disco" harrison talked with the state highway administration as they mapped out our winter for us. >> reporter: things look good outside today but you know that is going to change. winter is coming and the state highway administration is ready. >> established a network to communicate with trucking companies and we have redeployment plans for larger equipment which we normally have in western maryland but will be bringing it to the metro area depending on where
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storms hit hardest. >> reporter: the state is going to expand the sugar beet molasses program they tried for the first time last year. they mix the salt brine with molasses and it makes the salt stick to the road better. they can even put it down a day early for storms that are going to start with rain to get ahead of the game. it has many advantages. >> it's also more environmentally friendly and uses less salt so it's better for the environment and also saves a little bit of money to not have as much salt usage >> reporter: not everyone is dreading the snow. >> i like the season of snow. >> reporter: of course he does. roy is a snow plow driver and gets geared up when it snows. he wants to remind drivers that it's tough for snow plow operators to get around, too. >> these trucks are heavy and the heavier it is the farther you are going to slide. it's a weight thing. >> reporter: over the last 10 years the state spent on average about $45 million a year on its winter operations,
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with all the snow that durched on us last year they spent almost $125 million. one of the newest types of equipment, the wing plow. a snow plow with an attraction plow on its side to move the snow over even farther. it works like two plows in one. they really don't expect as much snow as we had last year but you never know. the main things drivers want you to do is be safe. they are trying to work for you, you never know, you might see me out there. in hanover, don harrison for abc2. >> we're going to see him in a flannel shirt at the dunkin' donuts in pasadena. to get live travel information, we set it up on, for a link. i was just on there, looking at 95, everything's clear. get on the web site, it will tell you everything you need to know about traffic. now weather.
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disco and plow. just imagine that. >> almost as if he's looking forward to it. you know what i mean? too jazzed up for my taste on that one. >> he can plow so we can get to the magothy river. a couple of good days and then we go downhill? >> it's a weird terrorist in the weather. mild tomorrow with rains and drier, colder wednesday. wet and colder thursday cold and even colder yet for the weekend. ravens game, looking chilly. >> 4:00 start. >> last time they were in tampa. talk about cold air, you got to see this cold air coming our way. doesn't really get here until thanksgiving but you'll feel the brunt of this. talking 13 up in the dakotas, 26 minneapolis. montana zero degrees right now. just the opposite locally. we're nice and mild out there. 56 degrees right now at bwi marshall. it's not bad. it's an average daytime high.
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we were up well above 60 earlier today. towson showing nice sunshine. not too much fall foliage left as trees looking pretty bare out there. and we look at mount airy today, nice blue sky kind of day with high thin cloud cover. no rainmakers though and washington, a lot of air traffic in the sky. you see it at times on our weathernet camera here. a lot of planes trucking some freshly screened passengers you would have to say. wind gusts light, not a lot of wind today but steady winds tonight, breezy, around 5 to 10, highs running in the upper 60s to mid-60s. bwi marshall hit 65. easton 66. down at the ocean, 61 ocean city today. zooming in a little, we've cooled off to the mid-50s. upper 50s in washington, wilmington where there's that little traffic spot, 54. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast tomorrow, linthicum 66. we may push closer to upper 60s toward crownsville tomorrow. southern anne arundel county, howard county, looking at
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mid-60s tomorrow good chance for on and off showers, especially late in the afternoon. and into the evening tomorrow. satellite and radar trend clear. we got nothing on the radar now. pretty quiet scenario, just a few fair weather clouds drifting above but more rain across the northland from new york state, buffalo, back through chicagoland. showers and thunderstorms here. never good with all the extra flights going on, even today. chicago getting rough weather. that is one of the biggest hubs in the country. that tends to make it rougher to fly any where in the east. baltimore getting that warm surge of air. lasts for another day or so but as we go into wednesday and thursday, markedly colder. you can already see the indication, des moines, iowa 33. 70 in cincinnati. that's a tremendous contrast. we keep the mild stuff for one more day, then it changes. future forecast is going to be dry tonight. even in the morning i think we're sitting pretty good but scattered showers due in tomorrow afternoon and evening. then colder and drier wednesday before the really cold stuff
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gets in here toward black friday and thanksgiving weekend. overnight tonight, 48, clouds on the increase, patchy fog with -- probably not a lot. 66 tomorrow, milder, afternoon showers. tomorrow night hit and miss drizzle but colder and variably cloudy. 7-day forecast, things shape up to get steadily colder through the outlook. 50 wednesday but dry thanksgiving thursday. we bring back the chance of rain, 52 and it will be cold and dry by the time we get to ravens sunday. right now wednesday looks dry here but again, across the nation weather will be active. could be tough travels. here's a look at what is coming up tonight at 11:00. as law enforcement officials continue to waging war on violent crime in baltimore city they are finding guns are often the key. tonight, abc2 news brian kuebler has an exclusive look at the dna of a gun. and the crucial clues it provides in the fight to clean up the streets. that story and more coming up tonight at 11:00.
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everybody's gearing up to start off their -- have you been to the grocery store yet? it's crazy out there. here we are, black friday just days away and many of you are already shopping from home. that could make you vulnerable to some scammers. joce sterman explains why in this week's "scam alert." >> reporter: it may not be as big as black friday but cyber monday is certainly making a run at becoming a top shopping day because who needs the crowded mall web you can shop from the comfort of home? but before you put your card number into the computer be sure to check the site. >> anybody in the world can throw up a web site and collect your money an then shut that web site down and you're left without a gift, money lost. anyone can do that. >> reporter: that's why the better business bureau says you really got to know the retailers you're surfing before you submit any personal information. research the companies, check their bbb reports and look for reviews from other buyers. and be wary of the web
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addresses because scammers will even try spoofing the biggest stores. >> they can change simply dot com to and you can -- dot met and you can be redirected to a false web site. >> it can also happen to your inbox. you'll click, thinking you're going to the real store site but it's a trap. what should you do if a discount pops up in the e-mail. don't click on attached links. go to the site on your own, then enter the code. then keep in mind every place you visit on the web is leaving a trail for scammers to follow. >> you're putting a lot of information, a lot of cookies out there and they are going to track back to you and you'll in turn start getting a lot of the on-line scams. >> reporter: scams that last well beyond the holiday season. sent from someone who will surely end up on the naughty list. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> angie has another thing to keep in mind during the holidays. this is the time when scammers are also trying to -- phishing
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e-mails involving your bank account or shipping. they will pose as your bank or company like ups using holiday shopping to try to lure you in and get information. to get e-mail from your bank or shipping company call them independently to verify a problem. the fight to keep teenagers from picking up the cigarette is one of the hardest fought in this country. the baltimore business journal is out and has a report out that says out of the 50 states, our state ranks 34th in the nation when it comes to funding prevention programs. let's check and see how the drive home is going tonight. 695, the beltway at liberty road, if you're going to woodlawn or trying to get home to carroll county you are in this mess. we'll be right back.
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fire away. >> jamie? by the way, you're looking sharp, man. looking good in hd tonight. >> what the heck. >> temperatures, hey, not bad. mild, man, as we head out for a little dinner perhaps later. mid-50s across the board. hanover 57. almost 60 still on the eastern shore. through the day tomorrow, we're getting right back into the low to mid-60s. chance for rain, especially in the afternoon and evening. so could be a wet evening commute tomorrow night. >> this is the night of "dancing with the stars" followed by "skateing with the stars." a lot of stars out. you got to sit down
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and watch us at 11:00. you'll need a rest after this.
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